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Key Features

Capriccio Fuzion provides an easy to use, web-based time system that offers three styles of entry. The Mobile Application for iPhone and Android, the Timesheet Grid and Timecard Calendar. These interfaces enable individual employees or independent contractors to report time according to assigned charge codes, in flexible time increments.

A key part of a successful project is communicating with the field.  Capriccio Fuzion automatically provides contractors visibility into their planned vs. actual utilization by project and charge code.  Individual team members have the ability to provide a description in each timesheet submittal.  This feature increases integrity and improves the individual ability  to notify project managers of potential over-runs or explanations.  Communication of this nature can be viewed in real-time, keeping the project on track and on budget.  If added scope or modifications are identified at the field level, this powerful integration can give the project manager and executives the opportunity to address the situation proactively.

Small organizations have reported saving 4-8 hours per payroll period by eliminating all the manual data entry or re-keying of data associated with manual timecards or electronic systems not integrated with accounting and payroll. Larger organizations can easily save the equivalent of one full time person by automating time collection.

Timesheet - Time can be recorded in an easy Grid Style format

Timecard - Time can be recorded in detail with Outlook Style format

Charge Numbers - Total Charge Number control - DCAA Compliance

Time History - Easy filtering for visibility by Project, Person, Date, etc.

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