Key Features

Fuzion offers a flexible reporting framework for both Standard and OLAP reporting. Key analytical features throughout the application, such as the ability to sort, group and filter data in an intuitive way, virtually eliminates the need for traditional reports. Fuzion provides accurate and real-time visibility into your business, enabling you to make smarter decisions.

Fuzion’s reporting and analytics capabilities provide insight into every level of your organization with pertinent information to make informed decisions. The web-based access allows traveling executives and on the move project managers to stay informed no matter where they are.

Fuzion provides day to day filtering of tasks and actionable items to ensure every team member is working on the appropriate items at the right time. For project managers, they can increase their efficiency by gaining real-time information and visibility through easily customized reports, allowing them to make effective decisions and cover more projects.

Using Capriccio Fuzion’s analysis and reporting suite gives managers and executives the business intelligence they need to support decisions, mine data, inventory information assets and answer the “What if…?” questions.

Fuzion’s reporting suite allows users to create, save and distribute both routine and complex reports based on up-to-the-minute data, dynamically from all data in your organization.

  • Standard reports format data in printable and custom layout formats. Allowing users to control all aspects of the visual output of the reports.
  • Analysis reports enable users to “slice and dice” and rotate your data to quickly validate answers to questions based on both objective and subjective criteria.

Business Intelligence in Fuzion enables your managers to get ahead of the “reaction” curve. By adding your organizations business rules, you can quickly see actions that must be accomplished before the critical milestone has passed as well as allowing users to assess alternatives and possible “unintended” consequences before it’s too late.

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