Capriccio Fuzion Customer Testimonials

"Capriccio Fuzion has helped our company be more efficient, accurate in Time & Expenses, and has saved us a ton of time. Their Quickbooks integration is quick, simple, and precise. Customer Service has been the best in the business and their Reports make life easy. Best small business software out there."

Alicia Manty, CEO/Owner, The David Group, Inc


"Capriccio Fuzion has made Time tracking and Reporting a breeze. The software helps to streamline by business operations and seems to have every feature available. Their Customer Support is the best I have ever experienced. I would recommend this software to any small company."

Ron Humphrey, President, CodeRed Business Solutions, Inc.


"We have been using Capriccio Fuzion as our DCAA compliant Time Tracking system since 2011 and have been very satisfied! The system syncs easily with QuickBooks and our employees have found Capriccio Fuzion to be very user friendly. Their help desk is always quick to respond if there are any issues and problems get resolved in the same timely manner. We look forward to continued use with Capriccio Fuzion!"

Jill Keogh, Operations, Corps Solutions


"Fuzion has really helped me to streamline my business operations. Not only have I been able to track my employees and contractor time in a detailed manner, but Fuzion easily gives me insight into my projects and business development. Customer Service has been amazing and although the software gives me the same functionality as a large enterprise software suite, I only paid a fraction of the cost! Thanks for a great product."

Anthony Bone, Managing Director, Lexem Strategy


"Capriccio Fuzion is a very user friendly timekeeping system. Capriccio has the best customer service people I have ever worked with. I have had problems on evenings and weekends and our customer service representative has always been there for me. Usually the problem was user error and the representative was very friendly and knowledgeable."

Mary Garland, Accounting, Illumina Consulting


"Capriccio Fuzion has been exactly what our small business needs to be DCAA compliant for the past 4 years. The price is reasonable, the system is easy to use and has never been down. Customer service when deleting and adding new accounts has been spot on."

Donni Fox, President/CEO, Level Up, LLC


"Capriccio Fuzion's timekeeping system has been essential to help our company be DCAA compliant. The Expense Report process, approval and connection to Quickbooks has made our reimbursement process so much more efficient and error free. Time reporting by Charge Numbers and Projects has been very useful in managing Resources."

Susan Livingston, Office Manager/Contract Support Specialist, Trifecta Solutions


"Great professional work relationship. Remarkable dedicated customer service. Definitely long-term relationship ahead."

Julia Change, Sr Accountant/CPA, Soliel LLC


"Our company has used Fuzion for about a year and a half. Before we used Fuzion we used paper timesheets. As soon as we switched over, I was extremely happy with the software. Michael helped us get set up and went through step by step training. If I ever had a question about anything, somebody always got back to me immediately. There are various reports you can run that make analyzing data very simple. If there is ever a report I feel like I need and don't have, Michael has written it for me and it is always spot on. Fuzion has been part of our success as a start up, small company and I would not be able to do my job without it."

Jennifer Keith, Financial Analyst, Fathom 4, LLC


"Since starting my job in March with eTRANSERVICES, I had a bit of a learning curve to the private sector as I had a lot of programs to learn. Capriccio Fuzion was one of them. Mike Pipoly was super nice, even scheduled some one-on-one overview time with me so that I could learn the software. Now that I've been working with the software for about 5 months, if I need anything at all, a small fix here or there to make our company access and track data easier, Mike is always eager to make an adjustment for us. I know that they are just an email or phone call away if I need anything! Their customer care is 100%!"

Tami Johnson, Executive Assistant/Office Manager, eTRANSERVICES


"The Quickbooks sync is amazing! I've worked with many 3rd party timekeeping vendors that interface w/QUICKBOOKS and this one is the best. One of the best features is Fuzion allows QUICKBOOKS to be the master record and pushes the data to Fuzion. No more dual entry into 2 systems. The Sync feature is so simple - I can't believe other companies don't use or haven't discovered it. No downtime, no logging out, just click and the sync starts and completes. Amazing customer service, great product. I recommend to all."

DeeAnne Antolik, Staff Accountant, Cyberdata Technologies

"I would be lost without Capriccio Fuzion. It was easy to set up and a much needed program for our company. It has incorporated all aspects of my employee tracking, reporting and even includes Quickbooks integration for easy sync. It's certainly made all out time tracking processes much more efficient and easier to manage. I would recommend to anyone."

Kim Freeze, CEO, Entwined Technologies, Inc.


"The Capriccio Fuzion Quickbooks sync process has been an amazing time saving feature for us. Not only has the Capriccio Fuzion online/web based time entry for our employees enabled a much more accurate and compliant time keeping process, the porting of that information via the Capriccio Fuzion Quickbooks Sync application takes seconds to perform each pay period. The Capriccio Fuzion Quickbooks Sync is accurate, complete, and removes the potential error associated with manually entering all of the data from the timesheet application into Quickbooks. The process has been easy to implement and to update thanks to the outstanding Customer Support provided by the Capriccio Fuzion Technical Team."

John McKim, Engineer, RayDay Technologies


"We have been using the Fuzion Timesheet, Expense Report, and Quickbooks Sync functions for almost 3 years now. The web-based Fuzion has been vital for us since we have a diverse team working many projects across multiple locations and time zones. Each new release is well planned and has added key functionality and reporting capabilities. The customer support is outstanding - the Capriccio team is a pleasure to work with and responds quickly to any request, issue, or question. The reliability and availability of Fuzion allows our team to focus on our core business and has saved us many hours with its streamlined approach to time / expense tracking and reporting."

Jack Gruninger, President, TapHere! Technology, LLC


"Capriccio Fuzion has been a great tool for our small company. The user interface is well thought out and easy to navigate. With one on one training we were up and running in a matter of days and had continued support through the rollout process to our employees. The software allows us to track employee hours against our current contracts making monthly invoicing a breeze. If I had to say three words to describe Capriccio Fuzion Customer Service: Reliable, Friendly, Responsive."

Elizabeth Hall, Program Analyst, The Durbin Group


"As a new business owner, I needed a time and expense system that was quick to implement and easy to use. Capriccio Fuzion was exactly that. In no time at all, we were up and running and fully integrated with QuickBooks. As the business has grown, Fuzion has grown with us and their customer support has been with us every step of the way providing prompt and effective assistance no matter what the problem. I highly recommend this product for any business, large or small."

Alison Hatch, Vice President, Riptide Technology


"The Capriccio Fuzion team has proven to be creative in problem solving, reliable in time commitments, and overall excellent service from start to finish. In addition, the Quickbooks synchronization with Capriccio Fuzion is fast and accurate."

Nora Riano, Accountant, Converge Networks


"The Fuzion software has been critical for me as a small business owner, managing a government subcontract. Employees can easily access and enter required time and status information. I am able then to extract the data from Fuzion by time period to spreadsheets to use in customer status reports and other contractor time entry systems. And any time I've had a question or self created issue, the response from Michael at Capriccio has been immediate and outstanding."

Venus Laberge, Owner, Sound Marbles, LLC


"We were one of the early adopters for Capriccio Fuzion. As a small growing start-up looking to service government contracts, we were more than a little concerned with auditing and DCAA requirements. Fuzion provided a simple and easy interface for logging our time and tracking our expenses. Later releases of the product greatly improved the synchronization of Fuzion data and our QuickBooks data. I am also proud to say one of my recommendations made it into one of those releases. We couldn't be happier with the services we are provided, especially at the reasonable cost of the product."

John Terry, Owner, Terry Consultants, Inc.


"Mike is a ROCKSTAR when it comes to over the phone support!!! We just started using his stuff this year, but based on all the help he's given us, he has earned a SPECIAL spot on our Xmas list this year...Awesome dude!"

Keir Tomasso, President, Information Assurance Specialists, Inc.