Training Services

After your initial setup and training, if you would like our team to provide customized training to your staff, we would be happy to arrange a training experience to meet your needs. The training can be as simple as a one-hour webinar or if it makes sense we can come to your site and work with different groups in your organization.

We can help many of your departments get the most out of Fuzion.

  • All Employees - We can take care of any required timecard and expense management training for you. We will make sure your employees and consultants are entering and managing their data in the most time efficient way.
  • Business Development Team - We can show you best practices for a sales pipeline that produces superior results by integrating your process into the Fuzion platform.
  • Human Resources Team - Fuzion offers many great features for those professionals in your organization responsible for the administration and care of your employees. Let us sit down with your team and get them started today.
  • Project Management Team - Now that you have all your time and expense data integrated, let us teach your Project Managers how to take full advantage of this live project data.

Contact your Account Representative and we'll design a training package designed to meet your needs.